BLITZ: this is not a vanity workout

Jan 02, 2013

Fitness is evolving and your workouts need to evolve with it. BLITZ is here to do just that.

BLITZ™ incorporates endurance, agility, core, strength, and balance into a linear progression system that differentiates it from all other training systems.

Expert Coaching
Personalized coaching is what sets this program apart. Trained biomechanics experts will teach you the right way to move for your body so that strength and speed will grow organically.

One Common Goal
Become part of a team, unified by a common goal — to push yourself beyond your limits. You’ll find new focus, motivation and camaraderie as you take your fitness to the next level; together.

Simply, BLITZ™ delivers.  Give us 2-3 hours a week and we’ll transform your fitness and your life.

BLITZ™ is now available in San Francisco and will be coming to Boston, Washington DC and Reebok Sports Club/NY in 2013.